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  • As a repeat customer, I give Clement Sealing and Striping a big thumb's up. The quality work, and reasonable price, makes me wonder why I ever sealed my driveway myself. Thanks Tim.

    —Lesley McKinney

  • Tim and his crew do a great job!!!! Dependable and hardworking, give them a call.

    —George Bearup

Clement Sealing & Striping | 402 James Street | Clayton, NY 13624 | 315-955-8799

Why Clement Sealing and Striping?

For three generations the Clement name has been synonymous with quality work in the asphalt industry. Don't settle for the fly by night crews that load up buckets from the hardware store and go door-to-door "painting driveways black". We at Clement Sealing and Striping use the very best quality commercial products. We have an experienced, professional crew and the owner is on every job. Attention to detail is given through each phase of the project from surface preparation, to the final coating, ensuring that you get a job that protects your asphalt investment, not just looks good for the summer. We go the extra mile, all vegetation that is encroaching is cleared, all oil spots are pre-treated, all cracks are filled and our sealer meets federal guidelines including additives that make it dry faster and last longer including sand for a durable, non-skid surface.


Striping layout is important to provide safety and organization to parking areas.

The ease with which customers can get in and out of a business's parking is also important. We at Clement Sealing and Striping understand this and work with business owners and maintenance companies to provide the best line striping layout to bring order and ease to a business's parking areas. We are experienced in ADA Compliancy and Fire Lane Compliancy and will stripe parking lots accordingly. Clement Sealing and striping can provide both re-stripes and original layout of new parking lots. We can provide quick turnaround for contractors looking to get parking areas striped for Certificate of Occupancies and final payment for asphalt jobs. We use the highest quality materials as well as state of the art equipment and can work with company's schedules to make sure that our presence does not interrupt business at your parking lot.

Call today or request a quote online, to add bright, crisp organization to your parking lot.


Call today or request a quote online, to add bright, crisp organization to your parking lot.

Why Sealcoating?

Your asphalt driveway or parking lot is an investment, and you want to protect that investment. A proper maintenance schedule can increase the lifespan of your asphalt by 60 percent. Sealcoating protects your asphalt from surface oxidation and weathering. Over time your driveway or parking lot will start to grey and lose its asphalt content on the surface. The surface will start to become brittle and normal wear and tear will start to crack the brittle surface. With the North Country winter that we are faced with, the cracks will begin to widen with the expansion and contraction of water getting\ into the cracks and small pores of the asphalt. Cracks will eventually turn into holes and become a problem that takes expensive and invasive asphalt repairs. A proper sealcoating schedule can fight off the gradual deterioration of asphalt. It also beautifies and adds curb appeal to property. Sealcoating will add resiliency to gas, oil and road salts that also deteriorate your asphalt.


Clement Sealing and striping is a one stop shop for sealcoating and striping contractors to purchase bulk asphalt sealer, sealer additives, brushes, spray tips and paint.

We stock a large variety of asphalt maintenance products to fit the needs of contractors. We carry Star Seal Coal Tar Concentrate Sealer and can fill any trailer system, even after ours, because we know that yours days are best spent applying sealer, not running off to get it. We carry a vast assortment of additives, paint, and preparation supplies for you to have your sealer dry faster and last longer, giving your customers the benefit of being back on their asphalt faster and having a richer, longer lasting job. Give us a call today to request a quote.

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Clement Sealing & Striping | 402 James Street | Clayton, NY 13624 | 315-955-8799

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